Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Live Animal Presentations at Lost River Gorge

Lost River Gorge has partnered with Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to offer live animal presentations with a naturalist. This naturalist presentation is included with your admission and begins at 10:30am at the Treehouse.

Every naturalist event is different! Below are the descriptions for this season's events.

  • Saturday, May 25 Owls of NH - Who calls in the night? Who glides on shadowy wings in silent flight? What makes owls such extraordinary night hunters? A Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist will introduce you to three of our state's owls to help you find out what is myth or fact about these amazing nocturnal birds.

  • Friday, June 21 NH Wildlife- Are you curious about the critters that inhabit the Granite State? Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist to meet three wild animals that you could encounter in our forests, fields, or wetlands. Discover what makes them well-suited for life in New Hampshire.

  • Friday, July 12 Why Do Animals Do That? - Why do animals throw up when they're not sick? Why do they gnaw on wood if they don't eat it? With a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live animal ambassadors we'll explore some of wildlife’s unusual behaviors and reveal the benefits of these peculiar habits.

  • Friday, August 16 Animal Athletes - Animals are truly amazing athletes. Did you know a mountain lion can leap 15 feet in the air or that a peregrine falcon can reach speeds of 240 mph? Join a naturalist from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center, along with three wild animal athletes (no mountain lions though), to learn how speed, strength, and agility help them to survive. You ’ll even be able to compare your own athletic abilities to some of New Hampshire’s wild athletes!

  • Saturday, September 7 Marvelous Mammals - From herbivores and insectivores, to carnivores and omnivores, mammals serve a range of functions in the natural world. Join a Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist and three live native New Hampshire mammals to gain insight into the marvelous lives of mammals.

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