Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves is now closed for the 2020 season. We hope to see you in May of 2021.
Friday, May 7th, 2021

Plan Your Journey

The Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves is an adventure that combines the beauty and mysteries of nature with the excitement of discovery! A ¾ mile boardwalk is your path through the gorge. Your journey can be as easy or as ambitious as you choose: you may remain on the boardwalk, or accept the challenge of exploring the boulder caves. Sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing are recommended and no strollers are allowed in the gorge.

The Mysterious Boulder Caves
The journey begins with a short walk descending approximately 300 feet along the entrance trail. The first stop from the trail is a viewing platform with great views of the gorge. From there, you enter the gorge and meet your first cave, The Sun Altar.

As you continue along the boardwalk, you will explore rock and boulder formations like the Cave of Odin, Fenris the Wolf, Thor's Cauldron, Thor's Workshop, the most spectacular 35ft waterfall Paradise Falls, Devil's Kitchen, the Cave of Silence, Parallel Rocks, The Center of the Earth, the popular Lemon Squeezer, the Dungeon, Bear Crawl, Judgment Hall of Pluto, Hall of Ships, Shadow Cave, and the Rotunda.

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Weather Tower

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, Lost River Gorge is a smoke-free environment and designated service dogs are the ONLY animals allowed in the gorge.